About Us

Who are we ?

The European Association for Negotiation and Mediation is a non-profit organization based in Brussels. Our mission is to propose peace negotiations and mediation through the development and improvement of technical, interpersonal, intercultural, and creative skills of main actors who are going to participate to negotiation and mediation processes. EANAM seeks to promote a coherent and comprehensive approach to preventive diplomacy generating longer term coordination of researches and studies and networking processes that respond to the unprecedented demand and opportunities for conflict prevention.


We have been fostering sustainable cooperation through an International network of outstanding distinguished personalities, covering many disciplines of human and social sciences, who can help a better comprehension of the whole range of political and psychological dynamics in the negotiation and mediation processes. To this purpose, EANAM has been promoting activities, studies, researches, training and also the organisation of conferences and events in the field of international negotiation and mediation in a way to join our competencies to reach fixed goals.


The association works preferably with a social cognitive approach to international relations and diplomacy giving particular attention to the research and to scientific and professional results of the applied cognitive psychology, the cognitive and behavioural psychotherapy, and the cognitive training to expand knowledge for policy makers and reach public awareness. However, inputs coming from other disciplines or approaches will be taken into consideration with all the due respect and attention.

What do we do ?

Our Skills

Research and studies - 90%
Training activities - 80%
Negotiation and mediation - 70%
Psychological counselling - 70%

We provide both advising and training services research based for a wide range of actors like mediators, negotiators, diplomats and politicians. Our approach is interdisciplinary and it is based on political and psychological applied processes to international politics. Cognitive processes are the modalities by which every individual structures the knowledge of him/herself and of the world, and are filled with emotions and meanings. Emotional processes are innate features that characterize all human beings from the cradle to the grave, and they are at the basis of the motivations for action, especially for social actions.

EANAM looks at strengthening individuals and groups mental capital (cognitive and emotional resources); cognitive and emotional processes; thought flexibility and efficiency; and emotional competence, which entails self-efficacy and resilience in the face of stress. Psychological and political tailored strategies are aimed to improve individual creative skills that may facilitate the birth of new ideas and help breakthrough vision for the future; then to nurture analytical skills to help to monitor that the vision is realistic and valuable; and to foster practical skills to make new selected ideas operational and to reinforce the ability of subjects to persuade other people of their principles and values.

Where are we ?

Square Ambiorix, 32 B.te 43
B-1000, Bruxelles
Tel: 0032 (0) 2 230 07 74

200 meters from Berlaymont building (European Commission)
250 meters from Justus Lipsius building (Council of the European Union)
1.000 meters from Altiero Spinelli building (European Parliament)
200 meters from the METRO Schuman
200 metres from Airport Shuttle


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