EANAM provides Strategic Advisory for a wide range of actors, in empowering important interpersonal and organizational skills for better mastering problem-solving modalities and decision-making processes in related challenging environments. We help our clients to try to develop timely and purposeful psychologically-oriented political strategies. The aim is to help leaders and decision-makers to master uncertainty and ambiguity present in international relations. In our vision, our efforts could help to implement international cooperation as a powerful tool to build and implement peace processes through interpersonal negotiations. Each negotiation is not, and must not be an end in itself but rather a tool to develop processes of awareness and understanding of the other part’s words and actions in nurturing working relationships and creating security and stability in international relations. Negotiators cannot use the same techniques in each negotiation: techniques assume meanings and could be a powerful tool for changes because of the whole contextual situation.


EANAM provides also tailored Training for negotiators, mediators, diplomats, politicians, civil servants with programs and actions oriented to increase participants’ cognitive and emotional resources in a way to implement and strengthen resilience skills and cognitive-behavioural abilities.




Psychological Counselling

Emotional regulation, resilience and problem solving strategies : Learning how to realize your potential

EANAM provides Psychological Counselling aimed at learning how to nurture mind over mood, by improving the way we can learn to fulfill our potential (personal, interpersonal, relationships, parenting, school, business). The purpose of the counselling is to provide a conceptual framework and interpersonal skills to the clients in order to develop more effective social growth and interpersonal negotiation skills in various fields of work and life in general. The specificity of this service is that it helps building the qualities and cognitive and emotional resources that help individuals and communities not just endure and survive, but also flourish.

Our psychological counselling is targeted at persons of different ages and professional milieu, with the necessity to improve cognitive and emotional resources, problem solving abilities, hope, and interpersonal negotiation skills. As a concrete example, our service is particularly helpful to people experiencing one or several of the following situations :

  • You suffer from anxiety and panic attack.
  • You feel uncomfortable among the others.
  • You have sleeping disturbs
  • You are depressed and have fixed thoughts.
  • You have problems with food and your weight.

The service can be provided either in French, English or Italian. For more information, you can download our brochure here or contact us.

High-level lectures for administrators and political advisors

EANAM provides high-level lectures and conferences on various topics for administrators, political advisors, negotiators and officials from European Institutions or Governmental bodies. These lectures are aimed at delivering basic knowledge of the latest discoveries in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology applied to the fields of political negotiation, conflict resolution, or even to the personal sphere. These lectures are generally given within the premises of the European institutions, where EANAM has privileged interlocutors. You can download here examples of topics that have already been presented during such events.

The Emotionally Competent Advisor : How developing cognitive and emotional skills can improve political negotiations
Council of the EU, 04/11/2014

ULB Summer School Course

The negotiation process within the Council of the EU: A guided simulation

EANAM takes part in the Joint Summer School organized by the REPI (Research and Teaching on International Politics) branch of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), in co-ordination with the University of Kent, the Groupe de recherche et d’information sur la paix (GRIP), the Université Catholique de Louvain and the Université de Genève. EANAM delivers high-level lectures, targeted at Master students or PhD researchers, which are aimed at providing guidance in understanding negotiation processes in the Council of Ministers of the EU. International negotiation has often been described as a main mechanism to face dispute processes. The European Union as intra-state and inter-state negotiator is influenced by its multi-level system of governance, which shapes the individual and collective decision-making process in conflict resolution interventions. The importance of analysis, management, and implementation of values and interests, as well as working relationships, are deeply examined and underlined during the courses. The 2014 edition of the Summer School was focused on the Arab Springs, with advanced courses on theoretical and methodological issues ; the program of EANAM’s lecture included :

  • Brief introduction to the course : the EU institutions and decision making process in Foreign Policy after the Lisbon Treaty (how the main EU institutions interact and cooperate).
  • Brief introduction to the main simulation exercise : presentational tips, procedural points, reading of allocated roles and personal guidance with the professor.
  • Negotiation simulation : negotiation process, debriefing from the simulation and role playing exercises to reinforce key learning points.
  • Course review and assessment : practical lessons for the future.

Strategic action

Our strategic action is aimed at :

  • Increasing theoretical as well as experiential knowledge of political and socio-psychological dynamics within negotiation and mediation processes.
  • Encouraging analytical reflection on negotiation and mediation processes that affect the quality of public life.
  • Enhancing awareness of preferred as well as habitual negotiating and mediation styles and behaviours.
  • Improving experimentation with negotiation methods that can be used to advance high-priority interests and values while protecting working relationships.
  • Supporting the formulation of strategies for improving interpersonal negotiation and mediation skills and managing international conflicts through peace negotiations.


Our far-reaching training proposal, which goes to the heart of policy-making, is based on the awareness that the political and psychological processes of transforming conflict consist also of accompanying measures and techniques that can help to:

  • Increase the cognitive and emotional resources of parties.
  • Enhance resilience skills in the face of stress, which represents an important element of the mental capital of negotiators and mediators
  • Challenge cognitive-behavior abilities and enhance modification.
  • Pave the way for reconciliation.
  • Monitor peace processes.

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for the narrow-mindedness and lack of imagination of its democracy.

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